Bishnu Patra

PhD student at the Applied Quantum Architectures Group of the Faculty of Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS/EWI), Delft University of Technology.

The goal of my research is to develop RF integrated control electronics for quantum processors in a cryogenic environment. Currently, I am working on designing a transmitter to generate microwave signals required to simultaneously control (manipulate the state of) an array of both spin qubits and transmons.


  • Cryogenic RF transmitters
  • Electronics for qubit control
  • Cryogenic CMOS RF synthesizers (PLL, Oscillators, frequency dividers)
  • Design and modelling of cryogenic microwave passive components
  • Cryogenic FPGAs



1. Cryo-CMOS Circuits and Systems for Quantum Computing Applications (B. Patra, R.M. Incandela, J.P.G. van Dijk, H. Homulle, L. Song, M. Shahmohammadi, R. B. Staszewski, A. Vladimirescu, M. Babaie, F. Sebastiano, E. Charbon), In IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, Issue 99.

2. Cryo-CMOS circuits and systems for scalable quantum computing (E. Charbon, F. Sebastiano, M. Babaie, A. Vladimirescu, M. Shahmohammadi, R. Staszewski, H. Homulle, B. Patra, J.P.G. van Dijk, R.M. Incandela, L. Song, B. Valizadehpasha), In IEEE Solid-State Circuits Conference, 2017.

3. A reconfigurable cryogenic platform for the classical control of quantum processors (H. Homulle, S. Visser, B. Patra, G. Ferrari, E. Prati, F. Sebastiano, E. Charbon), In AIP Review of Scientific Instruments, Volume 88, Issue 4. 


1. CryoCMOS hardware technology A Classical Infrastructure for a Scalable Quantum Computer (H. Homulle, S. Visser, B. Patra, G. Ferrari, E. Prati, C. Almudever, K. Bertels, F. Sebastiano, E. Charbon), In ACM International Conference on Computing Frontiers, 2016.

Bishnu Patra